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Beverage Equipment

If you are considering buying beverage equipment to start your new beverage company here are some things to consider.

As a company seasoned in the beverage industry Power Brands has seen many companies invest in beverage equipment prematurely. A lot of new beverage brands assume that if you own your own beverage equipment that it will be a strategic advantage and often times they are wrong.

Owning beverage equipment does play a very important role in the success of many beverage companies but it’s the type of company and the stage that the company is in that must be looked at very carefully.

Beverage equipment is very expensive at the best of times and downright outrageous sometimes, costing millions of dollars for very basic beverage equipment. It is so expensive because it is highly specialized and also because high quality beverage equipment is built to last under extremely demanding conditions. Many beverage facilities will run 24 hours a day 7 days a week and this puts tremendous strain on the beverage equipment.

Along with the cost of the beverage equipment there is the installation costs as well as the costs of owning or renting the large facilities that will house all of your beverage equipment.

For most beverage brands it makes much more sense to start their beverage brands first and create a decent revenue stream before considering buying beverage equipment.

There are many contract manufacturers that can produce your new beverage brand for you at reasonable price while you build your business. Power Brands utilizes these types of companies to manufacture beverages all across North America, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.

However if you are already established or beverage equipment is essential to your business plan, Power Brands can assist you with the process of sourcing, purchasing and installing the beverage equipment that you will need to run your company.

Call us today and let us guide you to the best solution for your new or existing beverage brand.




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