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Drink ConsultingPower Brands offers extensive expertise and experience in the beverage industry.  Our drink consultants work on researching and developing countless different types of drinks within the beverage industry, including both non-alcoholic and alcohol beverages. We work exclusively in drink consulting.  Our drink consultants bring considerable experience from the food and beverage industry, have launched beverage brands, managed multinational brands, and have been in your shoes.  Our expertise can help you avoid the common mistakes and blunders that entrepreneurs and established companies make when entering the beverage industry.  These mistakes can prove costly not just financially, but also in time-to-market.  You want to work with professionals who have launched successful beverage businesses from scratch and know the right way to formulate, develop, and launch beverage brands.

Our drink consultants have created countless brands for our clients.  Here is a sample of some of the types of beverage products our drink consulting teams have worked on:


• Organic Beverages
• Iced Teas
• Fruit Drinks
• Energy Drinks
• Juice drinks
• Soft Drinks
• Vitamin Enhanced Water
• Flavored Sparkling Water
• Coffee
• Dairy Based Beverages
• Isotonic and Sport Drinks
• Health and Beauty Drinks
• Bar Mixes
• Alcoholic Beverages


If you are looking for a drink consultant focused on the beverage industry, Power Brands is your one-stop shop. Our team of drink consultants brings over 50 years combined experience in the beverage industry. Power Brands will provide you with the expertise and experience unparalleled to any other food and beverage consultant to help you avoid the common mistakes that can hinder the development and launch of new products in the beverage industry.


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