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Are you looking to develop your own soft drink?  Perhaps an organic iced tea or a new twist in sports hydration?  It can be difficult knowing where to begin with such a project.  Should your custom drink be in a can or bottle?  What type of label would work best?  What are the most popular flavors in the category?  How many calories should you have?Custom Drink Image

These are all important questions that Power Brands can help you address.  We bring our industry expertise to help you understand the key implications of these decisions:  consumer perception, buyer preference, cost of goods impact, among many others.

A beverage package (or container) has a significant impact on how consumers perceive your brand.  Choosing the right container for your beverage brand may be the most important decision you make regarding the positioning of your brand to your desired target consumer.  Should you select a bottle or can?  Glass or plastic?  An aseptic container?  There are many considerations that go into this decision.  A premium positioned beverage brand may steer toward a glass bottle; a natural or organic brand may prefer an aseptic container and processing to avoid the use of preservatives and artificial ingredients.  The positioning of your brand, the manufacturing process required, and your desired pricing architecture all play critical roles in the decision-making process.  Power Brands can help you fully understand the options available to you, the costs associated with each option, and the impact this decision will have on your brand.

There are many different label substrates to choose from in the beverage industry.  If your product is best suited for an aluminum can, then your graphic design will be printed directly onto the aluminum.  If your product is best suited for a bottle, there are many options you can consider, including:  simple wrap labels, pressure sensitive labels, and full shrink sleeve labels.  Each has distinct benefits and cost implications. 

Another way you can differentiate your custom drink is through flavor.  Flavors are one of the critical factors in determining the consumer appeal of various products. Recently success has been found by companies that utilize new and emerging flavors.  Matching the right flavor to your beverage formulation which will have the broadest appeal to your target consumer demographic is an important consideration.  Power Brands library of beverage flavors is best-in-class, let our food scientists find the right flavor combination for your custom drink project.

No matter what you are looking for, a promotional drink, custom pop, customized drink, or customized soda Power Brands will work with you to create a completely custom beverage to your specifications.



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