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Beverage Production

Beverage production can be a complicated process if you are new to the industry.  Bottling facilities differ in the types of bottling lines they operate and the types of products they can run:  cans vs. bottles, hot-fill vs. cold-fill, natural vs. conventional, etc.  It is critical to understand the requirements of your beverage brand before you begin the production process.  Demand for non-alcoholic beverages has been the catalyst for innovations in drink production in recent years, including beverage plants, beverage processing and, beverage packing.

No two beverage plants are alike. The beverage process each beverage production facility specializes in can vary greatly as can the beverage packing equipment available. There are many types of beverage processing equipment, some of the capabilities you may need to consider given the requirements of your brand include:

  • Cold Fill
  • Hot Fill
  • Carbonation
  • Aseptic or tetra pack
  • Tunnel Pasteurization



Other key considerations are the contract manufacturing fees charged by the beverage production company to run your product and the geographic location of the facility.  If you wish to distribute your brand in the Northeast but the only facility that can run your product is located in Southern California, then you need to account for the
freight expense of raw materials as well as finished product.

At Power Brands, we can help you determine how best to run your product.  We will walk you through the various options that are available to you and help you assess the costs associated with each option. You will not have a successful business unless you can effectively manage your cost of goods.  Your beverage production decisions have a significant impact on the cost structure of your business.  Let us help you make the right decisions.



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