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Identifying the contract manufacturer that can handle both the process and your package requires significant up front research. In beverage manufacturing, the first question you should consider is where to manufacture your new beverage.  Geography plays a critical role in beverage manufacturing as the freight implications of shipping raw materials and finished goods across country can be considerable.

There are many different types of beverages all of which require different type of beverage manufacturing processes. When choosing a beverage manufacturer it is important to know what type of processing is needed for your product as well as what type of package and closure the beverage manufacture can accommodate. Identifying the contract manufacturer that can handle both the process and your package requires significant up front research. 

Once you have identified beverage manufacturers that can support the filling processes, packaging, and closures required for your beverage product, the next important factor to take into account is location. Choosing a beverage manufacture that is geographically convenient for your distribution network is important. In some instances, there may not be a contract manufacturing facility within your immediate geography. In this case, you will need to find shipping companies and inventory options to transport and store your product. Sourcing beverage manufacturing plants, solving logistics issues, identifying freight operators and storage facilities are services Power Brands provides on a regular basis.  We specialize in U.S. beverage manufacturing but also have experience locating co-packers in international markets should this be required for your project.

Power Brands has worked with countless beverage manufacturers as well as international co-packers and have an extensive list of beverage manufacturing plants that we have worked with. We can easily help you identify the beverage manufacturer that will best serve you and your new product.


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