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Drink Formulation

Beverage formulation is a fairly complex process that requires a team of highly skilled technicians to complete successfully. With processing variables and many ingredients to consider, formulating unique and relevant beverages is a blend of art and science. A beverage formulation can consist of a blend of flavors, sweeteners, acidifiers, emulsifiers, colors, nutraceuticals, botanicals, preservatives and many other types of beverage ingredients. A trained professional should always under take this process.

Beverage flavors can be very volatile and it is important to understand how they will react in different bases. Nutraceuticals, which are now a very important part of beverage formulation, are also very unstable if used incorrectly, it is important to know how each one will react to other ingredients. Making sure the shelf life is sufficient to sustain a profitable supply chain is also a very important factor hence the importance of understanding the preservative process. There are obviously many other factors involved in beverage formulation and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Power Brands has an extensive array of ingredients and equipment as well as highly experienced and knowledgeable food scientists specializing in drink formulation. We create custom formulas based on your specifications.

Our clients have a great ideas and our mission is to turn those ideas in the best beverage formulation possible.

Here are some of the beverage formulation projects that we complete on a regular basis.


• Energy drinks
• Functional beverages
• Enhanced waters
• Juice based products
• Carbonated soft drinks
• Energy shots
• Cocktail mixers
• Malt beverages
• Dairy based beverages
• Coffee & tea
• Powered supplement mixes
• Popular ethnic drinks formulas from around the world


The drink formulation process begins with a creative brief session in which a clear outline of the drink formula you are looking to developing is outlined by you and our team of beverage experts. We will listen to your ideas and facilitate and guide you through to a perfect beverage solution during the creative briefing.

The first version of your drink formulation will be shipped to you within ten days. If you are available to spend time with our beverage scientist this timeline can be even faster. Power Brands will continue the process with you until you are completely satisfied with your new beverage formula.

Once a drink formula is finalized our beverage industry experts will guide you through the final stages of beverage label development and also set up your new beverage formulation for mass production.
Contact us today to discuss your beverage formulation project.


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