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Beverage BottlesPlastic Bottles - Most single serve size beverage bottles sold in the United States are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET has become the material of choice for beverage bottles because it is inexpensive, lightweight and shatter resistant. PET bottles have been extensively tested for safety over many years and there is no conclusive evidence that there is any harm in drinking from a properly produced plastic beverage bottle. Beverage bottles made with PET are widely used for everything from water and fruit juice to soft drinks and even some beer companies use PET bottles. Overall, plastic beverage bottles are the most used type of bottle globally. Plastic bottles can be easily used for storage and transportation purposes for liquids, grains, cereals etc. Plastic bottles can be solid or diffused colors or transparent. Plastic bottles are available in various shapes and sizes and they can be easily recycled if handled responsibly.

Glass Bottles - Have a significant shelf impact which can be enhanced by their shape and decorative treatments. Glass beverage bottles can be manufactured with very elaborate designs and because of this they are often the packaging that makes the biggest impact on the consumer. A glass beverage bottle is very appealing to the eye and the feel of the glass beverage bottle appeals to the consumer’s tactical senses. In a highly competitive market place only glass provides such a wide spectrum of options to help manufacturers differentiate their products from the crowd. Glass beverage bottles convey a premium appeal. However all of these positive attributes have to be weighed against the higher cost of this type of beverage bottle.
There are many factors to consider when selecting a beverage bottle. Some of the factors are color, size, weight, shape and the capability of the beverage bottle to withstand heat, cold and various types of chemical reactions. Also to be considered is whether or not the bottle is suitable for the type of beverage that you are going to be manufacturing.

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