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Beverage Flavors

A new drink can be developed by using natural beverage flavors, organic beverage flavors, artificial beverage flavors or very often any combination of these three varieties of beverage flavors.

The classification of these types of beverage flavors is determined based on how the flavor is derived.

Natural flavors are preparations or single substances obtained exclusively by physical processes from fruit and vegetable or sometimes animal materials either in their natural state or naturally isolated from the natural ingredient.

Natural drink flavors are becoming more popular in the United States and across the globe as the trend towards natural food and beverage continues to grow rapidly.

Organic flavors are produced in a similar fashion to natural flavors but follow a very strict processing procedure and only use organic materials.

Artificial flavors are substances chemically isolated from aromatic raw materials or obtained synthetically. They may or may not be chemically identical to substances found in nature.
Here are some of the types of ingredients that are used to compliment the above mentioned beverage flavor systems.

A Flavor Enhancer is an ingredient that has little or no taste or smell on its own in a standard dose, but which can compliment, enhance, or otherwise modify the flavor of a beverage. This may take the form of a flavor modifier or a flavor potentiator.

Flavor Modifier is a substance that enhances suppresses or otherwise changes a drinks flavor.

A Flavor Potentiator can increase the perceived intensity of the flavor of another substance.

Flavoring Oils can be used to achieve a pleasing and authentic fruit flavor in a water-based beverage, manufacturers often use flavoring oils derived from citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons or limes. These flavoring oils are very concentrated, and must be balanced out with sweeteners before they are palatable.

Masking agents can be added to hide an off-taste in products that can often include ingredients such as soy, vitamins, herbs or a number of nutraceutical ingredients.

Flavor modifying agents can be used to make unusual ingredients palatable--removing bitterness, for example.

With myriad beverage flavor options it is very important to work with an experienced team of beverage experts.
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